The "Sound" Choice.

Thank you for your interest in using SANDEE PRODUCTIONS in your upcoming
event(s). SANDEE PRODUCTIONS has been in business over 30 years, Serving
the Mid-West region, providing full-line Concert Quality Sound and Lighting
Production, Video, BackLine, and Staging.

At SANDEE PRODUCTIONS our main objectives are Personal and Professional
Service, Complete Client Satisfaction, and the Success of your event.

SANDEE PRODUCTIONS specializes in high-profile corporate sponsored,
community based large scale events, festivals and concerts, and has rapidly
become the production company of "choice" in that market.

SANDEE PRODUCTIONS is proud to have a seasoned staff of competent,
industry professionals, experienced in all areas of production.

SANDEE PRODUCTIONS has been featured in Pro Sound News (an
international trade magazine for the sound production industry) Regional Touring
Highlights section multiple times. Featured were numerous SANDEE
PRODUCTIONS shows, including Wichita River Festival, Cotillion Ballroom and
PGA Tour National Act Concerts with audiences of  2000 - 10,000 in attendance.

SANDEE PRODUCTIONS' large inventory utilizes industry standard, professional
concert quality equipment, and is well suited for a variety of applications.
SANDEE PRODUCTIONS is very confident, that we can provide top quality,
stress free production for all of your upcoming events, large or small, boardroom
to concert hall. SANDEE PRODUCTIONS is looking forward to being a part of
the continued success of your event(s).   

Thank You for your Interest in SANDEE PRODUCTIONS...
SANDEE PRODUCTIONS has experienced an overwhelming positive response
from both promoters and performers and has expanded a large equipment
inventory, to include industry standard Yamaha, SoundCraft, QSC, DBX
components. Concert Quality RCF Vented-Gap speaker components were
carefully chosen, resulting in a truly Hi-fidelity, Full-range, Wide-coverage
Concert sound system.

Consoles and Processing                              Microphone selection
Yamaha PM-3500-56 input VCA FOH console      Shure Beta 52a, 56a, 57a, 58a, 91, 98
Yamaha PM3500 52x16 VCA Monitor console      Shure SM-57, SM-58, SM81, SM91
QSC PLX Pro Touring Amps                                D-112, ND/408, D6, ATM33A
Drawmer DL241's, DL441's,DS201B's                  Sennheiser 421, E609, Wireless
DBX 160-XT's, 166-XL's, DriveRack 260
Yamaha SPX-990's, Rev-5's, Rev-500's                
Concert Lighting System
KT DN360,  tc D2's                                             (2) 40ft. Trusses, (4) 25ft. Super Towers
                                                                     (30) LED Pars (8) ETC Par, (16) ACL's
Front of House Speaker System                    ZERO 88 Fat Frog Digital DMX console
(16 ea.) RCF L18-P300 18's                                DMX 512 ch. PC based Digital controller
(16 ea.) RCF L12-P540 12's                                 (4) Altman Comet followspots
(8 ea.) RCF N850 2" driver’s w/ RCF horns.           (12) ETC Source Four 750's
Total Mains power available
30,400 watts RMS.     (2) Martin 2000 Concert Foggers
**Delay Towers are also available                          (2) Diversitronics Concert Strobes
                                                                        (2) LeMaitre Neutron XS DMX Hazers
Bi-Amped Monitor System                                             
(20) Stage monitor speakers custom designed        
Intelligent DMX Lighting           
w/ RCF 15" and RCF 2" drivers (very smokin').       Martin MAC 500's (MSD 575/2)
2-15”+2” Side-fills                                                 Martin RoboScan 918's (MSD 575/2)
Ashly Protea EQ's on 16 mixes w/ Remote             Elation Design Spot 250 Pro's
Total Monitor power available 37,000 watts RMS.               
                                                  Video Projection
Full Back-line equipment
                                   Hitachi and Panasonic projectors
-PEARL Birch Custom 7-piece Drum Set                   Da-Lite 10' + 12' Truss Frame Screens
-DDrum Digital 7-piece Drum Set                               -Front and Rear Surfaces   
-Roland RD-600 Digital 88-key weighted Keyboard     -Full Black Dress Kits
-SWR SM-400 Bass Amp                                         -12', 14', 16' Truss Legs
w/ (2) Goliath II 4x10 cabinets                                  Da-Lite 7' + 8' Tripod Screens
-Ampeg B2RE Bass Amp      
                                   Extron + Kramer Switcher/Scalers
-(2) Fender Twin Reverb Guitar Amp 73' SilverFace   Extron Distribution Amps  
w/ original Orange 12" JBL's                                      
-Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus Guitar Amp Re-Issue     
40' x 32' Concert Stage
-(6) K&M guitar stands                                           -w/ 40’ x 40’ rooftop
-LP Congas, Timbales and Bongos  
16' x 35' Trailer Stage
Choir Riser