The "Sound" Choice.

"A-RIG" Concert Sound System 2015

F.O.H. Console
-40-Input, 25-Bus Digital Mixing Console with 32 Programmable
MIDAS Preamps, 25 Motorized Faders, Channel LCD's, 32-Channel
Audio Interface and iPad/iPhone* Remote Control

-Yamaha PM-3500-56  48 input (+4-stereo) x 8 VCA console
-Rapco 40x8 200' snake w/ 40' transformer isolated split
*Yamaha M7CL-48 available upon request

F.O.H. Processing rack
Furman PL-Plus DM
t.c. electronic D2 Digital Delay
(2) Yamaha SPX-990 Multi-effects
(1)  Yamaha Rev-5 Digital Reverb
(2) Drawmer DL-441  4ch. Compressor
(1) Drawmer DL241B 2ch. Comp / Gate
(3) Drawmer DS-201B  2ch. Gates

F.O.H. Drive rack
Furman PL-Plus DM
DBX DriveRack 260 Digital System Management
Toshiba Tecra A5 Laptop
TDM 24CX-3 Crossover
Klark-Teknik DN-360
(2) DBX 160XT Compressor
Denon DN-T620 Combo CD/ Cassette Deck
Audio Controls R.T.A. w/ Sennheiser reference mic

F.O.H. Speakers (8 stacks)
(8) RCF loaded 2x18" (L18-P300) Subwoofers
(8) RCF loaded 2x12" (L12-P540), 2" (N-850)  Trap Mid/Highs

F.O.H. Power Amplifiers
(8) QSC PLX 3402's  2ch.
(2) QSC CX-404's  4ch.
*Delay Towers are also available
**Total Mains power available is 30,400 watts RMS.

"A" Monitor Console
Yamaha  PM-3500 52 input x 16 mix VCA console (in ear capable)

Monitor Processing (16 Bi-amp mixes) 4x4
(4) Furman PL-Plus DM
16 mixes Ashly 4.24 Protea Digital EQ w/ 4.24 Remote
*Laptop Ashly Protea Software Control system
(4) Ashly XR-2001 4ch. 2-way crossover
(1) Ashly XR-1001 2ch. 2-way crossover
(3) Behringer 2ch. Intelligate
(2) DBX 1046 4ch.  Compressor
(2) Yamaha Rev-500

Monitor Speakers
(8) 15" + 1" Bi-amp or passive w/ RCF L15-S800, N-481K
(12) 15" + 2" Bi-amp or passive w/ RCF L15-S800, N-980
(4) RCF loaded 1x18" (L18-P300) Subwoofers
(2) Elite Maxim 1000  RCF 2x15" + 1" Side-fills

Monitor Power Amplifiers
(9) QSC PLX 3402  2ch.
(4) QSC CX-404  4ch.

**Total Monitor power available is 37,000 watts RMS.

Full compliment of microphones:
Shure SM-57, SM-58, SM-81, SM-91
Shure Beta-52A, Beta 56A, Beta-57A, Beta-58A, Beta-91, Beta-98
Audix D6
AKG D-112
AudioTechnica ATM33A
EV ND-408
Sennheiser 421, E-609
Countryman Isomax4

Direct Boxes..
Countryman Type185
WhirlWind IMP2
WhirlWind Director

Wireless Microphones
(8) Sennheiser E300 Series Combo Units each with...
-Hand-Held Mic
-Body Mic
-Headset Mic
*CountryMan E6 earset microphone

Clear-Com RS 232 2 ch. Base station
(2) RM-120A Rack Speaker Station
(4) RS-501 Beltpacks
(4) Double-muff Headsets
(4) Single-muff Headsets
(2) hand-set phones
(2) Blazon strobe indicators

-1998 Ford F-700 7.0 litre
w/ 24 ft. box  98" height